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Literary Hub

"Why We Do Need Another Adaptation of Little Women" ~ May 19, 2017

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Literary Hub

"The Diminution of Women Writers: An American Tradition" ~ May 12, 2016


The Toast

"Women Writers You Should Know: Alice Dunbar Nelson" ~ May 5, 2016


The Washington Post

Review of Dinitia Smith's "The Honeymoon" ~ May 5, 2016

Anne Tablet

The Toast

"Women Writers You Should Know: Constance Fenimore Woolson" ~ Apr. 6, 2016

Erased from History


"Erased from History: Women Writers Left to Languish in Moldy Archives" ~ Apr. 20, 2016


The Daily Beast

"Constance Fenimore Woolson: The Forgotten Writer Who Inspired Henry James" ~ Mar. 6, 2016

Lit Up Cover-839

The Washington Post

"Can Young People Be Lured Away from Twitter?" Review of David Denby's "Lit Up" ~ Mar. 4, 2016


The Rumpus

"How to Make Sure Your Writing is Forgotten" ~ Feb. 28, 2016


The Toast

"Eight Classic Female Bildungsromane You Should Know About" ~ Feb. 18, 2016


Los Angeles Review of Books

"A Lady's Vindication" Review of "Lady Byron and Her Daugthers" ~ Feb. 4, 2016

Clare Vaye

The Rumpus

"A Brief History of Pandering" ~ Dec. 7, 2015


The Rumpus

Review of "So We Read On: How The Great Gatsby Came to Be and Why It Endures" ~ Oct. 14, 2014

Gender Equity

The Millions

"Is There No Gender Equity in Nonfiction?" ~ Oct. 1, 2014


Los Angeles Review of Books

"Writers' Private Lives" Review of Biographies of Harper Lee and J.D. Salinger ~ Sep. 30, 2014


Electric Literature

Review of Rebecca Mead's "My Life in Middlemarch" ~ May 12, 2014

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