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Recovering Women's Voices * Telling Women's Stories

As the beloved classic celebrates its 150th anniversary, discover the story of the novel that captured the imaginations of generations of girls.

Although I didn’t discover Little Women until my early twenties, that turned out to be the right time as I was trying to figure out what shape my life would take. Jo was a huge inspiration to me. As I discovered while writing this book, I’m not alone. Legions of women all over the world have been inspired by Louisa May Alcott’s novel. In Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy: The Story of Little Women and Why It Still Matters, I tell the story of Alcott writing the book and the life it has led on stage and screen and in readers’ minds ever since. 

Coming in August 2018

About Me

I am a writer and professor passionate about recovering women's voices and telling their stories. I teach, write, and speak about lesser known or undervalued women writers and issues of gender and literary history.


My writing has appeared in the Washington Post, Literary Hub, Salon, The Daily Beast, and elsewhere. I write book reviews, essays on women writers, and the links between 19th-century literary culture and today.


Look here for the latest news about my forthcoming books--Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy and a new edition of Little Women--as well as my other writing, where I'll be signing or speaking, and other announcements.

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