The Bluestocking Bulletin and Next Book


I feel bad that I haven’t been blogging as much this year. I’ve been putting my energies into writing my next book, The Story of Little Women, and keeping in touch with readers via my newsletter, “The Bluestocking Bulletin.” I’m happy to say that I am in the final stretch of the rough draft of the manuscript (there will still be lots of revision to come) and that the new issue of the bulletin is now out. There is a great profile of the “New Woman” writer Sara Grand (photo, left), contributed by Laurie Garrison, as well as news about my trip to England (where I found some interesting editions of Little Women and met some lovely people willing to share their thoughts with me about the novel) and the course I am teaching this spring on “The Lives of Girls and Women.”


[one of the books I’m teaching]

You can check out the Nov/Dec. issue of “The Bluestocking Bulletin” and even sign up, so you won’t miss an issue. Soon I hope to go back to publishing once a month. (But finishing the book comes first, for now.)

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