Surprise, It’s Here!

The publication date is supposed to be Feb. 29 for both Constance Fenimore Woolson: Portrait of a Lady Novelist and Miss Grief and Other StoriesHowever, it seems both books are being shipped now. Amazon shows them as ready to ship. Those who have pre-ordered them are starting to get emails saying they have been shipped. And the first sighting in a book store happened yesterday afternoon. Here it is:

First sighting

[Note its placement right next to Gloria Steinem’s On the Road. Nice company to be in!]

This picture was taken at the Women and Children First book store in Chicago. Apparently, books usually ship a couple of weeks early, and it’s up to book stores whether they want to put them out right away or not. If you see either book out in the real world, I’d love to get a picture of it! You can post it on Twitter or Facebook and tag me, or send me an email ( Oh, and, of course, you can pick up copies or order them now as well! I can’t wait for you all to read the books and share your thoughts with me. It’s just so hard to believe they’re really out in the world!


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