News on the Little Women Front

News on the Little Women Front

Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy in Production

Copy editing is complete. The illustrations have all been gathered. The layout has been designed. Even though it doesn’t come out until next August, between now and then I will be busy helping to usher it into the world. Next month I’ll be in New York to participate in a panel at the Modern Language Association convention, and while there I will meet with my editor and publicist to begin a strategy for getting the word out. There will be goodies for those who pre-order the book. In the meantime, if you participate in Goodreads, you can go there and add it to your “Want to Read” list. That way you will be notified when pre-publication book giveaways are announced.

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BBC Adaption of Little Women on the Way

In other news, my envy is mounting as the BBC adaptation of Little Women, produced in coordination with PBS Masterpiece, nears its arrival on television screens in the UK. It will air there just after Christmas, while we Yanks have to wait until May. What I’ve read and seen so far has made me optimistic that this will be a more accurate adaptation–and more modern. The two are not mutually exclusive. As I argue in the chapter on “Little Women on Stage and Screen,” previous adaptations have neglected many of the more progressive elements of the novel and have tended to exaggerate (even fabricate) a conservativeness that was not Alcott’s. The BBC has posted the trailer and two clips. From what I can tell, this version remains true to the novel’s spirit, while inventing new dialogue. My favorite line from the clips is Jo saying, “Being born a girl is the most disappointing thing that ever happened to me,” which raises the issue of her not wanting to be a girl, something the earlier films downplayed. (In the novel she says, “I can’t get over my disappointment in not being a boy.”)

BBC Little Women Capture


Louisa May Alcott Facebook Discussion Group
As an Advisory Board member of the Louisa May Alcott Society, I offered to create a Facebook group for the society and for Orchard House (the Alcott home in Concord, MA) when the society’s listserv became a bit overwhelming for some people. We already have 96 members in the group and are sharing all kinds of news about the imminent BBC production. The group is open to all with an interest in Alcott, although it is a “closed group” and requires prospective members to request entrance and answer a couple of very easy questions (just to keep out people who want to sell stuff or otherwise don’t belong there). I hope you will join us there!
Facebook Group
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