Bright Minds, Fabulous Nonfiction

That’s the tagline for a (relatively) new discussion group I and some other nonfiction authors have started in Facebook. We are calling it Illuminate and hope to shine a light on really great mainstream narrative nonfiction–history, biography, literary studies, cultural studies–particularly, but not exclusively, by or about women. There are great groups out there for fiction lovers, but where are the ones that focus on nonfiction, we wondered. We’re trying to fill that gap.


This group is where I’m putting a lot of my energies these days. I’d love to see you there. Come check us out.

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  1. Hi Anne, Wishing to let you know that the Constance W. letters are now with David Duveneck, a great grandson of the painter. He lives in this area, has a lot of Duveneck paintings, etc. When I put the whole box (the one you saw here) in his hands I told him about your recent book–and that you had mentioned possibly putting together a book of the letters. All best wishes! Micha Sent from my iPhone


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